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Another Sunday Night


I have 3 projects going at once, what else is new! My Mom brought down all my old dance recital tee-shirts last month from when I was a kid. I have decided to make a Memory Quilt (project 1). I am also going to add Steve’s old fraternity tee-shirts to the quilt to make it more a family memory! I also have to finish knitting a baby blanket for my cousin. (project 2) She is due in less than 3 weeks, I guess I better make that my priority! Finally my place-mats (project 3). I started this one a long long time ago and I keep putting it off since I have to pin the border around 8 quilted pieces of fabric. I will keep that one at project #3. So off to knit for the night. I have to finish the baby blanket!


The “Skirted” Frame


Wooden Frame This wooden frame has been sitting in my house for over a year now. When we moved the glass broke, but I knew I could reuse the frame, so I saved it. I kept the cardboard on the back of the frame so I could easily rehang it, when I created something new.

Hippie SkirtThis skirt was a hand-me-down I absolutely loved. I wore it ALL THE TIME, but as times change, so do you. I couldn’t part with it, so I threw it in my sewing box, hoping to make a new skirt or use it towards something new.

The finished product. Here is what you will need: 1.) Frame 2.) material, spread out to cover the entire frame with at least a 3-4 inch cap. 3) Staple gun.

Instructions: overlay the material on-top of the frame. Start from the center of the frame and the center of the material and begin to staple the material to the frame. Pull very tight as you staple. Work your way from the center to the ends. Next, move to the bottom of the frame, pull very tight move from the center to the ends. When you get to the corners, pull both ends taut  and staple. You should now have a new piece of art to hang in your room!

Skirted Frame

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog! I am dedicating this to all my creative friends, family, and followers out there! I hope I can bring out your inner artistic beauties by using household leftovers and scraps from other crafty projects. One of my favorite things to do with crafts is reduce, reuse and recycle. I will also share some tasteful recipes that I hope you can share and make a dish of your own!