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My Succulent Terrarium


This weekend I decided to make a terrarium. I first sent a text message over to my dear friend Molly. She runs her own gardening business and I thought she would be a good place to start with advice. A terrarium is a container which is designed to hold small plants and animals in controlled conditions. I decided to make an open terrarium since I was using succulent plants.

Here is what you need:
A large deep glass container
Cactus/succulent soil
3-4 succulent plants

Let’s Make it:
Line the bottom of the glass container with rocks /pebbles
Add a thin layer of dirt
Gently place the plants on top of the dirt
Add additional dirt to even out the layer between the plants
Succulents do well when you water them and let sit for 2 to 3 weeks
Make sure they get plenty of sun



The runner


So my Mom and Dad brought some “stuff” down from Pennsylvania in August. Most of it was crap left in my old room. A glass photo frame, made it to Land O’ Lakes, but the glass broke when we were unloading the car. Well you know me, I was determined to still use the photo frame for something.

Back in 2010, I started running. In 2011, I ran in my first race, a 15k here in Tampa. After that, I ran in 5 more that year. So I thought, I need something to hang my medals and race bibs. The bibs would be easy since they still have the safety pins attached. It’s the medals I would need something to attach them to. Here is what I came up with, a recovered cloth photo frame with heavy ribbon strung from side to side.

Supplies: Hot glue gun, cloth/material, ribbons, old frame

How to do it:

Start by hot gluing the top of the frame to the material. Remember once you get to the opposite side, start pulling it tight when you are gluing. Keeping it taut is the most important part. Once you have finished gluing the material, grab the ribbon (other ideas shoelaces, hemp, men’s ties) and measure enough to fit side to side. Start hot gluing those ribbons, in any pattern you desire. I went horizontally and criss-crossed.

You can really use this for anything, medals for any sport, ribbons from the Fair, or even pictures.

photoframephotoframe finished