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The Accidental Cork Board



Over the holidays my brother gave me a HUGE bag of wine corks to use for my craft projects. With all my pinning lately, I was ready to get started. Almost everything on Pinterest with wine corks was old frames and I already made two crafts out of my busted frames! So I started walking around the house. What could I recycle? Then it hit me, I had a bamboo cutting board that bit the dust when it “accidentally” fell off the top of the refrigerator…..

I decided it was time to recycle and reuse this bad boy. I got out my gorilla glue and put it back together. While I was waiting for the glue to dry, I started separating the wine corks by size, fonts and characters from the winery’s. Now this may just be my inner librarian coming out with the need to organize things. It did make it easier when I was placing them on the cutting board. Once I had everything laid out I started placing the corks on the board. This gave me a feel for how closely I could come to the edges without spilling over. I used 2 horizontal and 2 vertical for my pattern, but you could really lay them out any way you want. Now that the corks were laid out, I started hot glue gunning. If you try this let me warn you, the corks really condense once you start gluing, so keep a couple of extra corks on-hand so you can fill in where needed.


  • Hundreds of wine corks, depending on the size of your frame or backing (all different sizes too)
  • Hot Glue Gun

Here is what I used to place a hanger on the back. I had some screw eyes out in my tool bench and some picture wire in my junk drawer. I screwed the eyes into the back of the cutting board upper left and right hand side. Then I measured enough wire to run across the back, keeping it taut, and wrapped it tightly around the screw eyes.



The Finished Project! I hung it in my kitchen. Thanks to my brother I have a new cork board, or just a pretty neat decoration!



The runner


So my Mom and Dad brought some “stuff” down from Pennsylvania in August. Most of it was crap left in my old room. A glass photo frame, made it to Land O’ Lakes, but the glass broke when we were unloading the car. Well you know me, I was determined to still use the photo frame for something.

Back in 2010, I started running. In 2011, I ran in my first race, a 15k here in Tampa. After that, I ran in 5 more that year. So I thought, I need something to hang my medals and race bibs. The bibs would be easy since they still have the safety pins attached. It’s the medals I would need something to attach them to. Here is what I came up with, a recovered cloth photo frame with heavy ribbon strung from side to side.

Supplies: Hot glue gun, cloth/material, ribbons, old frame

How to do it:

Start by hot gluing the top of the frame to the material. Remember once you get to the opposite side, start pulling it tight when you are gluing. Keeping it taut is the most important part. Once you have finished gluing the material, grab the ribbon (other ideas shoelaces, hemp, men’s ties) and measure enough to fit side to side. Start hot gluing those ribbons, in any pattern you desire. I went horizontally and criss-crossed.

You can really use this for anything, medals for any sport, ribbons from the Fair, or even pictures.

photoframephotoframe finished

Christmas Ornament


My Aunt Nancy shared this idea with me. This morning when my mom and I were walking Sparty I saw this split dead leaf that fell from the palm tree. My Aunt used a different part of the leaf, so you can use what you find. The key is to spilt it, so you have Rudolph’s antlers. All you need to add is a red Pom-Pom for his nose and two little wiggle eyes. I used the hot glue to place the goodies on. I used a simple ribbon to the back so I could hang it on the tree. This is a great idea to share with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Card Display


I needed something to display all my christmas cards this year. So I looked on Pinterest and got some ideas. I had some old photo frames sitting around the house, that Sparty chewed on 🙂 some red ribbon and old Christmas cards. So I put them together and here is what I got!

Here is what you need to make it!

Hot glue gun
Photo frame (or any type of sign)
Old Christmas cards
Suction cups or nail (to hang)
Clothes pins

Here’s how to make it!

Warm up your hot glue gun and size the old Christmas cards to fit inside the frame.

Hot glue the ribbon to the back of the photo frame so it hangs long enough to pin your new Christmas cards you will get in the mail.

If you have extra ribbon tie a bow and glue it to the front.

Once everything is dry, hang your frame and add your cards with clothespins!



New Wicker Chairs


My Aunt Nancy gave me these wicker chairs when we bought our new house. She said they had been painted almost every color in the book, so it was my turn to start with a fresh look. When we picked them up they were blue with a stripped blue and white cushion. The color theme in our house is all natural tones, so lots of browns and greens. I decided to paint them brown.

The outside work spray painting the chairs.

Supplies: Brown Spray paint, 6 bottles, indoor/outdoor for wicker and drop clothes and face mask.

It took me 2 days to spray both chairs as I had to spray 2 coats to completely cover all the blue. The first day I went horizontally as I sprayed, the second day, vertically, ensuring full coverage.

The inside work – recovering the cushions.

Supplies: Sewing Machine, 2 yards of material, some pins, Velcro, and thread.

For those of you who know my sewing style, I hate patterns. So I winged it as usual. I took a yard for each cushion and pinned it, inside out to each cushion, so I could use the shape as a guideline. Once I had the u-shaped material sewn, I used velcro to close off the back cover of the cushion.

I think they turned out pretty well. I bought the throw pillows at Kmart on sale, buy 1  get one 50% off.

wicker spray The outside work

recovered chair The finished product

The Librarian Patch


So if you didn’t see my “about” section, I like to save “stuff” or as my husband says “shit! Back when I was in my undergrad, my student teaching was done at Allen High School in Allentown, PA. I  was there every day for 2 weeks. The librarian I studied under gave me a few things when I left, one item was a red long-sleeve button-down red oxford shirt, totally not my style, but it had a beautiful embroidered Librarian patch on the front. So I saved it in hopes of turning it into something else. Well this weekend, 7 plus years later, I am finally reusing it!

I cut the patch out of the shirt and sewed it onto the front of handbag.

Another Sunday Night


I have 3 projects going at once, what else is new! My Mom brought down all my old dance recital tee-shirts last month from when I was a kid. I have decided to make a Memory Quilt (project 1). I am also going to add Steve’s old fraternity tee-shirts to the quilt to make it more a family memory! I also have to finish knitting a baby blanket for my cousin. (project 2) She is due in less than 3 weeks, I guess I better make that my priority! Finally my place-mats (project 3). I started this one a long long time ago and I keep putting it off since I have to pin the border around 8 quilted pieces of fabric. I will keep that one at project #3. So off to knit for the night. I have to finish the baby blanket!