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The Accidental Cork Board



Over the holidays my brother gave me a HUGE bag of wine corks to use for my craft projects. With all my pinning lately, I was ready to get started. Almost everything on Pinterest with wine corks was old frames and I already made two crafts out of my busted frames! So I started walking around the house. What could I recycle? Then it hit me, I had a bamboo cutting board that bit the dust when it “accidentally” fell off the top of the refrigerator…..

I decided it was time to recycle and reuse this bad boy. I got out my gorilla glue and put it back together. While I was waiting for the glue to dry, I started separating the wine corks by size, fonts and characters from the winery’s. Now this may just be my inner librarian coming out with the need to organize things. It did make it easier when I was placing them on the cutting board. Once I had everything laid out I started placing the corks on the board. This gave me a feel for how closely I could come to the edges without spilling over. I used 2 horizontal and 2 vertical for my pattern, but you could really lay them out any way you want. Now that the corks were laid out, I started hot glue gunning. If you try this let me warn you, the corks really condense once you start gluing, so keep a couple of extra corks on-hand so you can fill in where needed.


  • Hundreds of wine corks, depending on the size of your frame or backing (all different sizes too)
  • Hot Glue Gun

Here is what I used to place a hanger on the back. I had some screw eyes out in my tool bench and some picture wire in my junk drawer. I screwed the eyes into the back of the cutting board upper left and right hand side. Then I measured enough wire to run across the back, keeping it taut, and wrapped it tightly around the screw eyes.



The Finished Project! I hung it in my kitchen. Thanks to my brother I have a new cork board, or just a pretty neat decoration!